Dorothea Spitzer

1962 Born in Hanover, Germany.

1965 I wanted to become a painter.

1979 – 1982 Apprenticeship as a journeyman painter with a master who taught me old painting techniques such as oil glazes, watercolor painting and sepia drawings.

1982 – 1986 I financed my artistic work by working in catering. I refined my glazing technique in oil, its structure and backgrounds.

1990 – 1992 Apprenticeship as a decorator at Migros AG Argau, Switzerland.

1993 Eleven-month long study trip by train through Russia, Mongolia, China, then to Nepal and Thailand.

1994 I worked as a decorator in Interlaken, Switzerland, restoring a 300-year-old chalet.

1995 One-year trip through Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. (Purchased native art in Vancouver Island with the art gallery „Art Is Vital“ from Calgary, Canada.)

1995 – 1996 “Werkakademie Hannover”. (My final project was a „chair“ exhibited in Oldenburg.)

1996 Mural Designers Show Case in Calgary, Canada. Exhibition “Walls on Wood” at the Sub Dance Gallery Hanover, Germany.

1997 I studied fresco and its construction with Prof. Mauricio Martinelli and Prof. Guiseppe del Debbio.

1997 – 2000 I had further training at Raesfeld Castle, where I studied old working techniques and color recipes based on historic models. In particular, I mastered traditional color combinations of historicism and art nouveau, stucco lustro, illusion painting, fresco and scrafito. I worked as a freelance artist for Hanover Zoo, Chopard Hanover, Hotel Ambiente, Hotel Allegro, the Discotheque Altro Mondo Hanover, Infa and for various individuals.

2000 – 2003 I attended a master school in Garbsen, Germany, mural painting in Celle Hospital and Hotel Ambiente Hanover.

2003 Exhibition Annenstraße, Hanover, Germany.

2005 I gave painting workshops, various courses.

2006 I gave painting workshops and joint exhibition with Andi Braun from Switzerland.

2007 Moving with my painting workshop to the island of Föhr, Germany, gave various painting courses. Article in „Der Inselbote“ (local newspaper). Christmas exhibition at the Friesenmuseum. I gave courses in the „Museum Kunst der Westküste“ (modern art museum), Alkersum, Island of Föhr.

2010 Exhibition at the church in Nieblum, Island of Föhr. Workshops at the Museum Kunst der Westküste“ and „Experimental Painting As A Team-Building Effort“ for EON Hanse.

2011 Experiment „Art Filling Station“. Two exhibitions at my house in Flensburg, Germany. I experimented with concrete and glass.

2014 Exhibition at the restaurant La Gomer in Port Andraxt, Mallorca, Spain.

(Between 2012 and 2016 I bought and renovated 2 houses.)

2017 I bought a house in Bordelum, Germany and renovated it myself, then…

2018 I founded the House of Painting” in Bordelum, gave worksops. Various exhibitions in my „House of Painting“.

2019 Exhibition „In contrast“, Sandberg Gallery, Flensburg, Germany.

2022 Exhibition in Bordelum church with organ music by Birgit Wildemann (organist from Föhr). Permanent exhibition in a Hospice.

2023 I took more time to paint.